Sheila and the TSP

“Sheila Kirsten Hughes and the TSP Orchestra serve up a heady brew of original music. Their sonic palate is a hybrid of folk, celtic, and earthy tones with saxophone surges reminiscent of LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band.” (-TBT)

Formed in 2009, Sheila and the TSP is the metamorphosis of award-winning Bay area singer/songwriter Sheila Kirsten Hughes (“Honorable Mention” 2007 Singer/Songwriter Awards), and her former incarnation, the Sheila Kirsten Hughes Band (2007 Independent Music World Series Semifinalist). Culling from an array of diverse musical influences, the group concocted their own unique music formula dubbed “soufte,” which Hughes describes as “no formulas, just flow.”

Sheila and the TSP released their debut album, If These Stones Could Speak, in 2011.

Band members:
Sheila Kirsten Hughes: vocals, guitar, piano, cello
Chris Hughes: bass, percussion
Alex Wolfe Parnes: drums, percussion, vocals
Jim Mara: sax, flute, tin whistle

Status: On hiatus
The band has been on hiatus since the birth of Chris and Sheila’s second child, and Jim’s relocation to New Hampshire. However, there is talk of the band working together again for the forthcoming release of Sheila’s new album, slated for 2020/2021.

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