June 17, 2009
Message from Nubzilla

Thank you to all of the artists who contributed material to Nubzilla's Café. It has truly been an honor to feature you on my website. And thank you to everyone who visited Nubzilla's Café and invested time getting to know these artists. We may resurrect Nubzilla's Café at some point in the future, but for now the bandwidth requirements to maintain this project are more than even a monster like me can handle. Plus, with the onslot of social networking sites and self-promotional vehicles like myspace, youtube, twitter, and facebook, the need for websites like Nubzilla's Café to promote independent artists has diminished significantly since we first launched in 2002.

May your paths be blessed. Many nostril licks to you all,


P.S. I am still the biggest, most "terrier"fying JRT in the world. And I'm still a punk with lots of 'tude. That hasn't changed a bit over all these years.